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Latinos in Spain: locating the delicate stability between two identities

Latinos in Spain: locating the delicate stability between two identities

Latin People in america reject the stereotypes about their community, that they say stay rampant in Spanish culture

Almost 80% associated with kiddies of immigrants in Spain feel “right in the home, ” according to a study because of the Jose Ortega y Gasset Foundation, The Children of Immigrants Longitudinal research (CILS), posted in November 2017 and modeled following a similar research conducted in the usa by Princeton University.

Lina Khaterine Larrea, that is from Colombia, undoubtedly felt at home in Spain, but just until she switched 10. This is certainly when she begun to be bullied in school.

Manuel Enrique Paulino, Peruvian journalist

“They would toss rocks at me personally, they’d call me personally a cokehead. Simply because I became Colombian, ” she explains, sitting in a square in downtown Madrid. This is certainly whenever she recognized that having two identities ended www.benaughty.com up being planning to mean “pain and lose. ”

Fundamentally, Lina Larrea chose to conceal her Colombian identification. “I felt ashamed of being from that nation, ” she describes.

Colombians make up the biggest Latin United states community in Spain, at 145,000 strong away from almost 800,000 Latin Us citizens, in accordance with numbers through the nationwide Statistics Institute (INE).

As she had been growing up, Lina ended up being forced to respond to, over and over, questions regarding ladies and medications in Colombia.

“The drug-trafficking process we experienced in Colombia ended up being extremely terrible for Colombians, ” she describes, incorporating that television show and films have actually developed a mythical aura around traffickers and hyper-sexualized women.

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