Pir-Pen: 8:00 - 17:00, Š-S: 8:00 - 13:00

Might Day brings Cherries, Apricots and Strawberries!

Might Day brings Cherries, Apricots and Strawberries!

Shows for May 2nd & 6th

Delighted May to you all day!

It really is exciting that people have the ability to go to our parks that are local. I am hoping you will be all in a position to get away find some much needed oxygen. Only a reminder that individuals continue to be obligated to possess our areas keep low figures into the aisles, maintain our most useful social distancing practices, use masks and clean our fingers once we have actually come right into connection with contaminants or pressing points. When you’re in a line during the market please bear in mind regarding the aisle and make your best effort to go the line far from the aisle whenever you can. Together we could beat COVID-19 and keep our farmers’ market available for the community.

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